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Most people think that algebra is useless, that only mathematicians **etc** would need it.
That’s false.
And this is all coming from someone who sucks at it.
But there’s a lot of times in my life, and I look at it as x, y, or z… and then it’s “**lightbulb flashes inside head** “AN ALGEBRAIC EQUATION IS NEEDED TO SOLVE THIS ASAP!”
(Unfortunately I could never make/solve equations on my own.)

Not a lot of people need anything past (college) algebra, but it is actually useful in the real world. (Darn those pesky word problems, though they’re quite useful
RE: real world applications.)

So if you’re not going to get into advanced algebra, and other crazy shit (ie: you are going for a vocational education, and so on…) Just take some math classes at a local community college. (If you don’t meet college requirements for college math placement, you do get remedial math is offered at almost any college.)

Just a thought. It’s only logic, problem solving, and such, after all.

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