Nerds, here I cooooooome……!!!

In May, I get to resume my yearly ritual of going out to California for Fanime! 🙂

But before I do that, I booked a hotel for a few nights in San Francisco, so I could properly spend a little more time there instead of taking Caltrain to/from San Jose and only getting to spend about 8 hours there visiting the usual sites. I want to EXPLORE! ^_^

Then I’ll take Caltrain to the VTA Light Rail line to arrive at the hotel that Sarah has secured for us and some of her friends.

I’m really excited for once, thanks to the nice little tax credits that I gave birth to. =P It’s what’s allowing me to blow $1,000 on a nice hotel in SF, lol. And instead of flying on Southwest, I’m flying on American Airlines for the first time in years, but it will be so worth it, for many reasons.

Here’s to a great trip, with great friends!

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